Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day usually comes up during the second Monday in May though dates and celebrations may vary. Mother's day celebrates “the person who has done for you more than any other”.  

In the United States, the history of Mother’s day that began with Jarvis. Jarvis conceived the holiday to be a personal celebration between mothers and their families. She was unhappy by how the holiday became commercialized after it was declared a national holiday in 1914.  Her idea still stays strong to write a hand written letter expressing gratitude and love not to depend on solely pre-made gifts and ready made cards.
Mother’s day is observed differently in different parts of the world. In Thailand, Mother’s day is celebrated in August on the day of the queens birthday. In Ethiopia, families gather together to sing songs and eat a large feast. 

So depending on your culture or traditions, go out (or stay in) and celebrate Mother's Day. Make your mother feel special for the day! They've done everything they can to protect us and nurture us, let's all show them how much we love them. 

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