Thursday, December 18, 2014

Waterview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center observes National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2014

(December 9, 2014) Flushing, New York - - Waterview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center celebrates National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, the American navy base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by Empire of Japan. The attack came as a shocking blow to the United States military. This attack caused the deaths of many as well as damage to equipment. Over 2000 American citizens were killed and over 1000 people were injured. The United States Navy lost a large number of its battle ships and over 100 aircraft that were stationed in the Pacific at that time.

The Japanese had hoped that the attack on Pearl Harbor would prevent the United States from increasing its presence in the Pacific region. However, in reality it had the opposite effect. Following the unprovoked assault, the United States declared war on Japan and entered World War II. Not long after President Franklin Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor address, Germany also declared war on the United States. In the weeks following the destruction of the naval base, the slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor” became a popular war cry amongst Americans.

“National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day reminds us of a bleak time in our history. It is a commemoration to those who have bravely died for their country during a surprise assault on Pearl Harbor. It is important that every American remember the events of this day and pay homage to all our war heroes,” says Michael Berger, administrator at Waterview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

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