Friday, January 30, 2015

Drink water, it's good for you!

(January, 30, 2015)
You have likely been told every summer since you were a child that you should drink plenty water so you don’t dehydrate. While this is an accurate statement it is not the only positive aspect that drinking water offers. There are actually numerous benefits that consuming water has on your body, which will have these positive effects throughout the entire year.

Throughout the day our bodies continuously lose bodily fluids as we sweat, create saliva, urinate and even breathe. It is therefore imperative that we replace these fluids so our bodies can function properly and stay healthy. Dehydration occurs if our input of liquids does not equal the output of fluids our body is exhausting. During the summer months when the temperatures are much higher our bodies sweat much more and we therefore need to replace these fluids at a quicker pace. The same applies to the other months of the year where people may forget to drink. 

In addition to maintaining bodily fluids, drinking water also helps us control our calorie intake. This is because with the consumption of water our bodies will feel very full from the water weight, which will deter us from snacking or eating more than is necessary and thus keep our calorie count in check. This can help you loose weight while still feeling satisfied after your meal.
Another use that is often overlooked is that our skin contains plenty of water, and is used as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. If we become dehydrated our skin will start to feel dry and may wrinkle.
So what are you waiting for go-ahead grab a cup of water and keep yourself fit and healthy.

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